Extended Footage Of Addy, The Delightful Driving Test Stoner

Yesterday afternoon we told you about a Seattle news report where three people were given driving tests after smoking increasing amounts of marijuana. The star of the video, by miles and miles, was a young woman named Addy, who showed up to the test incredibly stoned, and got unending pleasure out of smoking pot in front of the cops and screaming around/through/over the cones in the parking lot test course. (Money quote, while taking a turn entirely too fast and laughing like a maniac: “One time in your life you get a chance to do this, you should do it. You should DOOOO IT!”) The only way it could have been any better would have been if someone had set her up on a date with Kai the Hitchhiker immediately following the test, and they got married and had, like, a million zillion babies. Or so I thought.

You see, in the comments of that post, someone using the name eskhatology posted a link to the outtakes of Addy’s driving tests, and they are TREMENDOUS. The clip is basically two straight minutes of her laughing, making jokes about the cops, and saying “This is awesome.” Which, for the record, it very much is. And speaking of things that are awesome, at one point during the test — which, again, she is doing high as a kite, on camera, in front of the police — she says “This is for all the years I stole my parents’ vehicles.”

Never change, Addy. Do you hear me? NEVER.