08.12.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

This is a photo of “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier playing at a concert with his band, The Honey Brothers.  I knew he was in a band, but I didn’t realize that he was sophisticated enough to master the recorder, AKA “the clarinet for six-year-olds.”  The person who had the misfortune of attending this concert writes:

He is 100% sincere about wanting to build a music career. Yes, yes, that is a recorder. […]

While setting up his subpar drum kit, he was all “I’m annoyed that we’re back to being a real band instead of a fantasy band, like they treated us on our Australia tour. We never had to carry our own stuff there.”

I hear a lot about how “Entourage” is compelling because it’s an accurate depiction of how Hollywood works.  So I’d like to suggest an “Entourage” story line in which a TV actor with questionable talent insists on being taken seriously in his musical side project.  Then he gets sodomized with a recorder.  I don’t know, maybe there needs to be some more exposition in there.  I’m just brainstorming.  But feel free to use that plot, “Entourage” writers.  Free of charge.

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