Adrian Grenier Made An Unpleasant 9/11 Tweet, And Twitter Was Not Happy

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Adrian Grenier came under fire for his social-media postings on the recent 9/11 anniversary. The controversy revolves around a now-deleted tweet from his verified Twitter account, which pointed toward a now-deleted Instagram photo. The actor, who is still best known for his role in Entourage, stepped into the realm of political discourse. He posted a silhouette of the World Trade Center Twin Towers with a caption: “R.I.P. the 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11. R.I.P. the 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis who died during the U.S. invasion for something they didn’t do.”

Here’s the image as it appeared before Grenier realized he upset people.

The 9/11 anniversary passed with a host of somber remembrances, including recognition for one heroic celebrity who would rather remain unnoticed. Differing opinions on the subject are unavoidable, but most people prefer to avoid highly charged stances on the anniversary itself. Twitter users swiftly called out Grenier for what they saw as a disrespectful statement. They weren’t kind to Grenier and largely branded him “classless,” and also called him a “coward” for backtracking.

A few people did support Grenier, or, at least, they didn’t see the big fuss.

After Grenier figured out people were angry with him, he quickly replaced his original graphic with a series of somber ones.

(Via the Daily Mail)