Let’s Talk Tuesday’s Geeky TV: ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Explores Spacetime

Last week, Agents of SHIELD introduced us to Mack’s whiny little brother and, more importantly, his new best friend the Shotgun Axe. Also if you pay attention, Mack’s childhood home has a similar layout to Buffy’s for some reason, so we’re assuming this is an alternate reality and Mack will discover he is the Chosen One. This week, we’re going to see the future, and unsurprisingly, it’s not good news!

We learned Harry Bosch, er, former agent Felix Blake (Titus Welliver) was still around and reengineering superweapons from SHIELD’s past, a nice little nod to Agent Carter in the last episode. This episode, while trying to save an Inhuman from a newly classy Ward, Daisy gets a glimpse of the future and while the plot synopsis and trailer are playing it close to the vest, it’s pretty safe to assume it stinks. So, of course, our intrepid heroes are off to prove that this is not the darkest timeline, that there aren’t that many fixed points in time, and maybe they’ll fly around the planet really fast to reverse its orbit into the bargain. Either way, we get to see Ward dressed all slick, so at least the viewers will be happy. We’ll find out if there’s no fate but what SHIELD makes for itself tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC. Join us, won’t you?