Alec Baldwin Arrested For Being Alec Baldwin, Basically

05.13.14 26 Comments

At this point I’m convinced that Alec Baldwin could move to a deserted island in the Pacific ocean but still find some way to make news courting controversy. In the latest of what’s become a ridiculous string of embarrassing public incidents, Baldwin was reportedly arrested in New York this morning for a) riding his bike the wrong way down the street and b) acting like a bloviating a-hole when confronted by police.

Reports In Touch:

Alec Baldwin has been arrested in New York today, May 13, In Touch Weekly has exclusively learned. In Touch has obtained photos showing the 30 Rock actor being handcuffed by a NYC police officer. According to an insider, “he was riding his bike the wrong way and didn’t have ID on him.”

An eyewitness tells the mag the 56-year-old was “calm and quiet” while he was cuffed and put in the back of the police car, though another onlooker said he “went ballistic on the cops, screaming at them” earlier during the altercation.

The only thing surprising about this is that Baldwin didn’t attack the photographer who photographed him being arrested. Must have been the handcuffs thing.

UPDATE: Naturally, Baldwin took to Twitter to “explain” things…

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