Alec Baldwin Is Reaganing

Anthony Weiner seemed a lock to be the Democratic candidate for the 2013 mayoral election in New York City until he failed to realize that the Internet is the worst possible place to have your extramarital affairs. Now Alec Baldwin may be stepping into that void, saying that he “wouldn’t rule out” a run for mayor.

“It’s a long way till November of 2013,” the actor said Wednesday on his recently activated Twitter account, where he had already opined on the Weiner and John Edwards scandals (“Wiener should not resign”; “I lend you my phone to lie to your wife about an affair that could wreck your campaign. Is the phone call a campaign contribution?”) as well as offered his political opinions in general.

A Baldwin spokesman told the Daily News that the actor, who has a long-standing interest in politics and seeking a political office, was considering a run. “I wouldn’t rule it out,” rep Matthew Hiltzik said. [LA Times]

Of course, Baldwin isn’t even registered to vote in New York City (Mr. Fancy Pants Hamptons Residence is registered in Suffolk County on Long Island), but he’s said before that he wants to do something entirely different after his “30 Rock” career ends in 2012, so who knows. You’d think that calling his daughter a “rude little pig” and being the brother of certified wacko Stephen Baldwin would hamper a possible political career, but Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both governors, and they frolicked around in feather boas and starred in Jingle All the Way, respectively. Anything is possible.