Alex Trebek Is Unrecognizable As Gene Simmons For The ‘Jeopardy!’ Halloween Episode

Sometimes Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek does “interesting” things, like when he was recently booed while moderating a debate between the Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates. Even so, we still love him, which is why we’re all quickly going to get over the horrifying, nightmare fuel-making image that is Trebek shooting a promo for Wednesday’s Halloween-themed Jeopardy! while dressed as, and standing next to, KISS band member Gene Simmons.

“Boy, I hope I got this KISS makeup right,” Trebek says while stroking the massive wig of fake black hair. After Simmons, also dressed in full KISS regalia, tells him “you’re looking good, don’t worry,” the pair launches into the promotion. “Clues from Gene Simmons!” the host declares. “On Jeopardy!” the ridiculously long-tongued bassist adds. So yeah, Wednesday’s episode is going to be interesting.

If that weren’t enough, however, the game show’s Twitter account released a behind-the-scenes video of Trebek and Simmons getting into character in the hair and makeup department over at CBS. The pair then concludes the segment by wagging their tongues at the camera, so we’re all going to have to live with that image until the next shocking thing comes along in the next five minutes or so. But hey, at least Trebek decided to go back on his previous comments about leaving the show in 2020 and decided to renew his contract with CBS — along with Wheel of Fortune‘s Pat Sajak and Vanna White — through 2022.


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)