Alison Brie Does Not Want Your ‘Dick Pics’

“I’m just the type of girl that people look at and say, ‘She wants to see dicks.'” – Alison Brie, 2015.

As someone who tends to keep his genitals off camera, the idea of “dick pics” still comes off as silly. Just getting the right angle seems like too much work for people who would actually want pics, so I really can’t imagine sending them to people unannounced. And yet, that’s somehow a whole phenomenon.

Alison Brie has apparently received her fair share of unwanted dick pics on Twitter, though this may have been something she accidentally initiated. Way back when she was new to tweeting, Brie was eager to reply to everyone who sent something her way. When one fan sent in a small pic that “looked like their arm,” she replied back with, “Fantastic! Love it! Thanks so much!” As you might imagine, this encouragement led to many more pics being sent Brie’s way. But between this story and her engagement, perhaps it will lead to fewer errant dick pics.

(Via The Late Late Show with James Corden)