Alison Brie And Ian McShane Are Starring In A TV Show Together

It’s a pairing the world (okay, the Internet) didn’t know it wanted until right now, but Alison Brie and Ian McShane will star in a new series from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

ITV’s Doctor Thorne, based on Anthony Trollope’s novel of the same name, follows the titular doctor (played by Rev.‘s Tom Hollander), and how some British things happen to him, and when do we get to the Alison Brie and Ian McShane fireworks factory? The pimp philosopher portrays “railway tycoon Sir Roger Scatcherd,” reports EW, while Brie will bring a “young, rich American heiress named Miss Martha Dunstable” to life. She can re-use one of Trudy’s hats.

Doctor Thorne is a wonderful example of Trollope’s gift for understanding the tangles we humans get into,” Fellowes said in a release. “He is sharply observant, critical, and merciful in equal measure and, above all, highly entertaining. With the cast we have assembled, I am confident we can bring all of these qualities to the screen.” (Via)

This will be Fellowes’ follow-up to Downton Abbey, which is ending soon. We should all be so lucky, to lose one job and then call up Ian McShane and Alison Brie, and immediately have another. Meanwhile, we’ll go back to writing our Annie Edison/Al Swearengen fan fiction.

It’s mostly the word “f*ck,” interrupted by an occasional rhyming celebrity name.

(Via EW)