Alison Brie Details A Harrowing Run-In With A Stalker Outside Of Her Home

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01.28.16 5 Comments

Alison Brie appears in the upcoming New York City “singles comedy” How to Be Single coming out next month. But during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel promoting the film Wednesday evening, the conversation turned to a much more serious topic — namely, a scary run-in with a stalker Brie recently experienced.

Brie says that a few months ago, she noticed that “little gifts” started appearing outside of the home she presumably shares with her fiancee Dave Franco; specifically half-eaten food items. At first she just assumed it was just someone littering as they walked by, but as the occurrences became more and more frequent, and given the precise placement of the food in the same spot every time, she began to suspect wrong-doing.

She goes on to recount the harrowing night she finally came face-to-face with the stalker (a conclusion she didn’t arrive to without making a “nut” joke first) and as it turns out — without spoiling anything — the “stalker” ended up not being a stalker at all. Sorry, guys, Alison Brie straight-up click-baited us. Yeah, yeah, so maybe I had a small part in this, as well, but I’m going to let Brie shoulder most of the blame on this one. Sorry and you’re welcome.

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