Allison Tolman Discusses Playing Pam’s ‘Far, Far Worse’ Sister In The New Season Of ‘Archer’

10.15.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

The sixth season of Archer doesn’t debut until January, but little tidbits about it are already dribbling out here and there. For example, the thing about them dropping the name “ISIS” for, uh, obvious reasons, and the thing we learned back at Comic-Con back in July about Fargo alum Allison Tolman playing Pam’s sister, Edie. This second thing was and is very exciting, and hang on tight, because it’s about to get even better, as Tolman elaborated on her character a bit to Zap2It recently.

“As terrible as Pam is, Edie is far, far worse,” says Tolman with a laugh. “She’s a terrible, terrible person. Which we could have guessed because Pam talks about her sister like she’s awful, but my boyfriend and I were speculating that what if we meet Edie and she’s actually delightful and no one can understand why Pam hates her so much? But then that’s not the case. She’s awful. She is really, really awful.”

The plot device that will reunite the Poovey sisters is Edie’s upcoming wedding, which results in Pam returning home to Poovey Farms. This means that maybe, possibly, hopefully, Pam Poovey and her “far, far worse” “really, really awful” sister will both be in attendance at a bachelorette party at some point during the upcoming season.

Yes, this will do just fine, Archer.

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