Allison Tolman Takes Aim At TV Writers And Showrunners Who Won’t Stop Making Jokes About Weight

Fargo alum Allison Tolman’s managed an impressively varied array of TV roles in recent years. She dove into action mode in ABC’s Emergence, bopped into housewife mode for Why Women Kill, and she will soon appear in the Gaslit miniseries alongside Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Patton Oswalt, Dan Stevens, Hamish Linklater, and Betty Giplin. Still, Tolman makes time to be active on Twitter, where she offered a piece of her mind on TV shows that can’t quit with the weight jokes.

Yep, these scripts are still popping up, and although some TV shows are more blatant in their approach, many others offer subtler, more insidious jokes about weight. Tolman’s now appealing for this tired approach to end. “Writers and showrunners- take the jokes about weight out of your scripts. I promise they aren’t funny,” she tweeted. “And even if they were, they won’t hold up well. And even if they did, they’re unkind-either to your characters and actors or someone in your audience or crew. It’s not worth it.”

From there, Tolman offered tips on how these jokes aren’t always forthright and directly about a character’s bod. They can also revolve around food, exercise, clothing, and so on. From there, she explained how character descriptions shouldn’t default to using descriptors like “Fat Lady In Theater” when “Annoying Lady In Theater” works better and is, frankly, much more useful to inform the character.

You can read the rest of Tolman’s thread below. Her replies are mostly positive and yep, it’s high time for Hollywood to move past defaulting to weight as a punchline, especially when the world offers to many more opportunities for humor that are, you know, actually funny.