The Sunniest Moments From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’: ‘The Gang Gets Quarantined’

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia got back to basics last night after going high concept for their tremendous 100th episode. The basics on Sunny often includes: The Gang aspires ludicrously, The Gang gets derailed ludictrously, The Gang gives up because all they really wanted to do was sit around and drink anyway.

“The Gang Gets Quarantined” had one major enhancement to the tried and true formula: The Boyz II Men influence. If you can’t get behind a Sunny episode that cold opens with The Gang going full a capella on “Motown Philly” then you weren’t deserving of Charlie’s animated Up fantasy last week and may god have mercy on your soul.

With that out of the way, let’s relive “playing Quarantine” via GIFs, shall we?

Why doesn’t Charlie get sick again?

Oh yeah, that’s why.

In discovering Dennis was the one who ordered a pizza during the quarantine, we also unearth another important piece of information.

Dennis has a relevant defense for his actions.

Of course Mac has seen it.

Charlie’s “The Gang Gets Pacific Rim’d” idea deserves its own episode. Seriously.

And because you deserve a closer look…

Knowing the answer sheds a whole new light on Charlie’s charades turn. FULL DICAPRIO.

Dennis. Reynolds. Does. Not. Get. Sick.

Mac really needs to ease up.

Sweet quarantine suits though.

Advanced Night Crawlers?

Hank Schrader is IN.

Dennis might actually be sick, you guys.

The Gang figures out it’s just alcohol withdrawal. Frank — though — has bigger problems.

That, my friends, is a quest for purity. I really wish they filmed Danny when he reads through a script for the first time. [bald Frank in his underpants covered in hand sanitizer]


Dammit Jerry! You got in my The Gang does Boyz II Men GIFs!

Now look at those again after hitting play. Feel free to make this the rest of your day.