An Original Hitler: The Sunniest Moments From Last Night’s Thrilling ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

When I first learned that Always Sunny was going to go nine seasons and maybe even ten my initial reaction was the same reaction I have when all good shows are renewed for a seemingly indefinite amount of time: THIS IS TERRIBLE AND IT WILL RUIN THEIR LEGACY SIMPSONS DEXTER SOMETHING SOMETHING OMG. But early last year (probably during the pantheon “Jersey Shore” episode) it dawned on me that Sunny plays by its own rules. The closest thing to character development is the continued ruination of anyone who has the misfortune of regularly crossing paths with the gang, and they’ll seemingly never run the risk of plotline exhaustion. If there’s a live action comedy that deserves to go a decade it’s the one that creates an entire episode around tracking down “An Original Hitler” dog painting.

A few notes before getting to the Sunniest moments from last night:

  • Seeing a now svelt Mac I’m even more convinced that the Fat Mac season was f*cking genius.
  • I’ve enjoyed the gradual decay of Dennis’s Land Rover throughout the series a little too much.
  • The Lawyer and his disdain for the gang is a welcome addition to any episode.
  • Frank Reynolds: “I got this.” Hosptial staff: “Seems legit.”

Now let’s get to it…

Classic Charlie Kelly.

A Cricket sighting is always welcome. Charlie and Mac explaining to Cricket that he’s a dog janitor and actually did not get the last laugh is even more welcome.

Take notes, kids. This is how you go next level with supposed “out of bounds” subjects.

Charlie’s illiteracy is top ten running gag for me. “Pretty good, that’s close.”

Insanity by death of childhood German Shepherd. It almost makes too much sense.

The running movie musings were easily what made “Pop-Pop: The Final Solution.” Gosling casting, Hitler time-travel, “It belongs in a museum!,” Charlie completely missing the point on everything and turning villain at the end.

“Hitler’s painting?! The key to the Holocaust?! RYAN GOSLING PLAYING YOU?!?!”

Good to have you back, IASIP. Good to have you back.