Watch The ‘Always Sunny’ Cover Version Of ‘Seinfeld’ Side-By-Side


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia did their version of a clip show on Wednesday night. That clip show involved The Gang looking back on their favorite memories while their phones updated. With 140 episodes to look back on, there was plenty of material to mine through — some of which is well over a decade old now — but they didn’t stop with their own clips.

Not all of the “memories” were actual memories. The highlight was when they all fondly recalled “The Contest.” This, of course, wasn’t an Always Sunny moment, but one of the seminal episodes of Seinfeld. The result was a pretty incredible remake of an original Seinfeld scene which included Jerry(s) played by Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney with incredible hair, George played by Danny DeVito, Elaine played by Kaitlin Olson with big hair, and Kramer played by Charlie Day with even bigger hair. Really, enough can’t be said about the hair.

Thankfully, someone put the original and the cover next to each other to show just how dead-on perfect Always Sunny did covering Seinfeld.

That is basically what the 1998 version of Psycho was supposed to be. Would anyone complain if season 14 of Always Sunny was nothing but recreations of classic Seinfeld bits? Or if The Gang recreated other scenes from other classic shows? How quickly can we replace all proposed reboots and remakes with this cast?

(via Reddit)