A Simple Question: How Is ‘Always Sunny’ Still This Good (Is It Sorcery)?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned for a 14th season this week. That is, mathematically, a lot of seasons. It premiered in 2005, the same year as The Office. One of the co-creators of that show, Michael Schur, has gone on to create two more full shows since then. When his latest show, The Good Place, ends later this year, he will have ended three different iconic comedies during the course of the single Always Sunny run. And Always Sunny shows no sign of slowing down. This 14th season brings it into a tie with The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for longest-running live-action sitcom. Barring any sort of catastrophe, the show will blast by it and into the upper-teens. Maybe longer. Who knows?

The truly amazing thing about these figures is that the show is still clicking as well as it did back when it was young and fresh. It might even be clicking better. It’s most recent season featured some of the show’s most memorable scenes yet. It’s kind of crazy to think about. This isn’t a cartoon, like South Park or The Simpsons, which are easier to maintain without the grind of a filming schedule. And The Office, the show that it debuted alongside, starting creaking and sputtering as it approached its conclusion over six years ago. This doesn’t happen anymore. No show maintains its peak quality for over a decade.

That brings us to a very simple question: Do you think the creators of this show made a deal with a sorcerer to keep it this good for this long?

Let’s consider our options.