‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Welcomes You Aboard The ‘Maniacal Mystery Bus’ In This Creepy Teaser

If you enjoy your clowns creepy (a.k.a. the default setting), September 2017 is catering to your unusually specific interest. Not only are we getting reacquainted with the petrifying Pennywise when Andy Muschietti’s take on It arrives in theaters, but American Horror Story is pushing the clown imagery hard in their teasers for season 7. The latest snippet of American Horror Story: Cult promo has gotten the brought idea of sending these freaky looking things out on a bus. Surely this can only end well.

The latest teaser places us aboard the “Maniacal Mystery Bus” (TRULY A SAFECRACKER’S TOUCH OF A TITLE!) and lets us briefly peer at a gaggle of freaky clowns on a school bus. They mostly are just around as menacing eye candy until the clip finds its crescendo. We don’t see the returning Twisty the Clown pop up in the promo, but it does look a bit like a music video for a band opening up for Hollywood Undead a handful of tours back.

Elsewhere in freaky newness, AHS: Cult showed off a new poster that will get your skin crawling. (Or worse if you have an allergy to bees.)

American Horror Story: Cult will unveil its season premiere on FX on September 5. In the meantime, why not go sleuthing through some other equally unsettling AHS teasers?