‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Has A Freaky, Clown-Filled Teaser Now

It’s here! First American Horror Story teaser day is here, everybody! What, just me then? After revealing the new name for the election-themed seventh season on Thursday night, FX dropped the first teaser for American Horror Story: Cult on Friday, which features an army of Juggalo wannabe looking clowns, with the ominous message:

“Do you ever feel alone, does it ever seem like no one really stands behind you … Do some people just make you sick … Are you afraid? … We can set you free … We will make you strong … We want you.”

Before the reveal, Ryan Murphy tweeted that the forthcoming teaser would be “terrifying,” but as far as creepy clowns go, let’s just say that Twisty was hard to top. Speaking of which, this makes us wonder how the Freak Show villain is going to tie into the season now that we know there’s some kind of clown theme.

In addition to the teaser, FX also revealed a new website dedicated to the upcoming season (featuring the same clown imagery), which promises fan updates in the eight weeks leading up to the premiere. That’s right, the seventh season premieres earlier this year, on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 10 p.m., moving from its regular Wednesday time slot.

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