‘American Horror Story’ Fans Went Above And Beyond On Their Halloween Costumes This Year

11.01.16 2 years ago

If you happened to go to any Halloween parties or bars this past weekend, or even scrolled through your Facebook feed for that matter, it was hard not to notice that the go-to pop culture costume du jour this year was all about Stranger Things. But the ubiquitous Netflix series wasn’t the only creepy pop culture phenomenon horror fans drew inspiration from this Halloween, as plenty of revelers also dressed up as their favorite characters from FX’s American Horror Story.

In fact, if you think about it, with five-and-a-half seasons and dozens upon dozens of beloved characters under the show’s belt, dressing up as your favorite American Horror Story character takes a little bit more creativity than say, wearing a blonde wig and carrying around a box of Eggo waffles (sorry, all you Elevens out there). As such, plenty of American Horror Story fans took to Reddit to show off their handiwork, including the above imgur gallery of an amazing Twisty the Clown — which was the big costume two years ago when Freak Show came out.

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