‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Made A Huge Connection To ‘Coven’ Last Night

Spoilers from last night’s AHS ahead.

In previews for this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, you may have noticed a tease of Gabourey Sidibe checking into the hotel for a cameo. That’s really not out of the ordinary because Ryan Murphy recycles his players for the horror anthology, and Sidibe has already been featured in two previous seasons of the series. But viewers got an unexpected treat when not only did, yes, Sidibe appear in the episode, but she did it as her fan-favorite Queenie character from American Horror Story: Coven.

The last time we saw Queenie in Coven, she had become a member of the witch’s counsel following Cordelia’s rise to Supremacy, after narrowly escaping death having shot herself in the head to stop Cordelia’s psychotic estranged husband Hank from killing the voodoo priestesses. On Wednesday night’s “Battle Royale,” however, Queenie arrived in Los Angeles at the Hotel Cortez to hit it big at The Price is Right, an episode I couldn’t pay enough money to see. Unfortunately, she never gets the chance to “come on down,” because Liz Taylor and Iris see her as the perfect meal to revive Ramona (who had been rotting away in the sealed-off wing of the hotel) to give her enough power to kill the Countess.

The two lure her into a room where the ever-perceptive Queenie immediately senses “bad juju,” which must be witch-speak for “crazy-ass vampire woman hiding behind the shower curtain.” After a brief fight during which Ramona finds out the hard way about her voodoo doll power, we learn that Queenie is, unfortunately, no match for ghosts, as James March appears from behind to stab the hell out of her. Bye, Queenie. It’s almost as if an entire coven of witches might have seen this coming. (And she didn’t even recognize Marie Laveau!)

At any rate, leading up to the most important development of the night, Queenie was ultimately killed in vain, because instead of killing the Countess, Ramona ended up just having a “come to Jesus meeting” (a sexy come to Jesus meeting) with her and ended up allowing the Countess to leave the hotel for good, unharmed. But then! John jumped in at the very last moment and filled her with bullets to complete his mission for James March.

Now the Countess is stuck with her awful, awful, old-timey-accented husband at the hotel for eternity. What will happen in next week’s finale? Will the March’s dine on canapé or beef wellington?

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