‘American Horror Story’ Has Supposedly Filmed Its ‘Most Disturbing Scene Ever’

Hold onto your butts, because the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel features “the most disturbing scene we’ve ever done,” according to Ryan Murphy. This is a pretty impressive claim, considering that the first four seasons of American Horror Story have already seen a lion’s share of unseeable moments, such as a serial killer raping a woman whom he saw as a maternal figure, a decapitated slave owner being forced to watch Roots, and Neil Patrick Harris having sex with a two-headed woman.

So, how is Ryan Murphy going to top all of that? Unsurprisingly, the scene in question involves that new character seen in the recent crop of teasers dubbed “The Addiction Demon” who boasts a “drillbit dildo.” Sarah Paulson’s character Sally and Max Greenfield’s character Gabriel, “a platinum blonde junkie” who checks into the hotel, will allegedly encounter the Addiction Demon during a love scene in the season premiere, Murphy explained during the recent TCA.

“He is a representation of that and what people go through fighting addiction,” explains Murphy. “It’s not done lightly or blithely. I think it’s very powerful and strong.”

Coming from the guy who cast John Travolta as Robert Shapiro in a televised miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial, I expect very important and meaningful commentary about the face (or lack thereof, in this instance) of addiction.

Here’s a first glimpse of Greenfield’s character, and I’m just spitballing here, but I bet he probably doesn’t live to see the second episode:

(Via Entertainment Weekly)