Ryan Murphy Provides Another Ominous Glimpse Of ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

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American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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It seems like every year, the lead up to each new season of American Horror Story lasts longer than the season itself. Even season six’s highly guarded Roanoke was no exception, which — despite the fact that the very theme of the season was kept tightly under wraps until it premiered — featured dozens of teaser images and clips in the weeks and months beforehand.

Ryan Murphy is great when it comes to hyping up his various series — to an infuriating degree, from a fan perspective — but American Horror Story continues to be the showrunner’s darling. With season seven’s 2016 election-themed season still looming months away, Murphy posted the above first sketch of an elephant-like creature on Instagram back in May, at least six months before the premiere, and since he’s been dropping agonizing clues every few weeks or so.

Murphy posted the latest tease on Thursday, which looks like a mutated face covered in lesions, appropriately captioned “Holes.”

American Horror Story Holes

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