The Plot For ‘American Horror Story’ Season Six Takes The Show In A Different Direction

WARNING: The plot for American Horror Story season six lies ahead. If you haven’t seen the season six premiere yet, go forward at your own risk.

We finally have our answer on the mystery plot of American Horror Story season six and it’s pretty wonderful. Up to this point, there has only been one promo out of 26 that hints at the true events of the season. It was a risky move, but it might’ve paid off because the show seems to have gone in a bit of different direction this season. Gone are the shocking killers and weirdos telling the story, replaced by what could be considered the Lifetime version of the show — at least according to some folks on Twitter.

If you caught the season premiere or sniffed through the video at the top of the page, you know that those rumors about this season revolving around Roanoke are half true. The difference is we’re not going back in time and watching the FX version of The Witch. Instead, we’re getting a Discovery/Lifetime/Dateline show following a modern day couple and their troubles with some spooky happenings in Roanoke. Slaughtered hogs, weird redneck families with bad teeth, possible ghosts looking for vengeance, and family strife. There’s also a really freaky pig man that needs to be seen — and could be a nod back to season one. It might be a refreshing take on a series that seems to go off the rails before its ending.

Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it is a good way for viewers to lose interest. This might win some of that back.

(Via FX)