With Its Dying Breath, ‘American Idol’ Sends A Cease-And-Desist To A Senior Citizens’ Singing Competition

Well, this is just sad. American Idol, which used to dominate ratings until it finally started waning in popularity and everyone who made it great left, has issued a cease-and-desist order to a senior citizens’ singing competition in Brooklyn. A law firm representing FremantleMedia North America, the producer of the once-relevant-but-now-canceled singing competition, asked the Brooklyn Senior Idol competition to stop using a version of their logo, after seven years of not caring that much.

The competition has been hosted in Brooklyn by its very own State Senator Martin Golden, who said that the letter he received “surprised” him, but he’s willing to change the name and proceed with the competition which has been a huge draw and probably tons of fun for the community. The letter read as follows:

“While our client appreciates your enthusiasm for the American Idol and Idol brands, as a federal trademark owner, FremantleMedia cannot allow the unauthorized use of the Brooklyn Senior Idol Mark in connection with talent competition services.”

That is just so petty, for a show in its death throes to send such a blow to a more spry local talent competition for senior citizens. If the word “idol” is property of FremantleMedia, then they’ll have to dig around a lot of local singing competitions who still think that’s a relevant reference to make.

(Source: New York Daily News)