Netflix Releases The First Details About ‘American Vandal’ Season 2


Just one month after it became a breakout hit, Netflix announced back in October that it would bring back American Vandal, the true crime satire series from Funny or Die, for a second season premiering in 2018. In a brief teaser, Peter Maldonado, the documentarian from the original series, poses the question: “You can be born into the perfect family. The perfect school. The perfect life. But can you be born … Above the law?” Panning over a yearbook, the camera then rests on a nondescript, uniform-wearing student named “Ben Callahan.”

While it’s still unclear who this Ben character is, or whether or not Tyler Alvarez will be reprising his role as Peter Maldonado; we now do know that Travis Tope (Independence Day: Resurgence, Boardwalk Empire) and Melvin Gregg (UnREAL, Freakish) will play the leads in season two. According to Deadline, both Tope and Gregg both will play high school juniors. “Tope portrays the fedora-wearing, pocket-watch carrying Ethan, while Gregg’s DeMarcus is a top basketball player.”

There’s still no word on what the plot will entail (and it’s going to be pretty hard to outdo “who did the dicks?”) but we can probably expect further details to stay under wraps until it premieres. Jimmy Tatro, who played “Dylan” in the first season, told GQ last year that the project was so top secret, that he learned about it through a “super mysterious” email that came through his inbox called “untitled high school project.”

“It said all this stuff on it like, ‘If you try to print, the file will terminate’ or ‘If you try to screenshot, the file will terminate,'” Tatro recalled at the time. “I was like, Jesus, what is this project?” So, to no one’s surprise, an exact release date for season two has not been released.

(Via Deadline)