Amy Schumer’s Latest Reaction To Kurt Metzger’s Comments Hints At Her Future At Comedy Central

Kurt Metzger’s comments on rape accusations sparked an online backlash earlier on Wednesday, forcing many to point fingers at those around him with their complaints. This includes Amy Schumer, who worked with Metzger on Inside Amy Schumer and responded to the comments on her Twitter account.

Schumer decided to continue her response later Wednesday night, painting an uncertain future for the fifth season of the show on Comedy Central:

Schumer has apparently faced plenty of criticism online after Metzger’s comments were publicized, which you can see via many of the replies to her earlier posts that just seemed to snowball. There’s no confirmation that she means the show is over, but the release date for the new season is still unannounced following the show’s renewal in January. The fourth season of the popular series seemed to suffer from the hype of her success elsewhere — and with the heights of the show’s incredible season three. If this is truly the end of the show, it won’t go out without having left a mark.

It is indeed a shame that it would end early due to this controversy. The situation for Comedy Central seems to be shifting quickly and this new turn of events would not help matters for the network. And then there’s the personal toll on those involved.