Did Amy Schumer Steal Jokes From Late (And Great) Comedian Patrice O’Neal?

10.19.15 3 years ago 22 Comments

The concept of joke theft is nothing new in the stand-up comedy world. And in that world, it feels that there is no crime worse than taking another comedian’s material and attempting to make it your own. There have been some notable beefs between comics over the years — Louis C.K. and Dane Cook, Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia, Patton Oswalt and the Fat Jew — and it’s very clear which comic from those three examples came out on top. Recently, new Daily Show host Trevor Noah was accused of stealing a joke from Dave Chappelle and after her first HBO special premiered over the weekend, the internet has turned its sights on Amy Schumer.

The folks over at ComedyHype pointed out some similarities between Schumer’s closing jokes in the hour-long special and that of a bit performed by the late great comedian Patrice O’Neal. The subject matter in question touches on a variety of sex acts which O’Neal refers to as “the Gorilla Mask” and “the Poltergeist.” YouTuber Cornelius Augustus Von Meyerbeer III took it upon himself to edit the classic bit from 2007 with that of Schumer’s where she refers to similar sounding sex acts as “the Abraham Lincoln” and “the Houdini.” Exactly how similar are the jokes in question? Take a look:

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