Amy Schumer Will Star In An HBO Max Unscripted Series, In Which She Will Dive For Clams And Fix A Roof

After taking HBO Max viewers through the arduous task of juggling a complicated pregnancy and a new comedy special, Amy Schumer is back with a new unscripted series for the streaming service. Titled Amy Learns To…, each half hour episode will feature the comedian tackling a wide variety of vocations that she’s never done before.

“We are thrilled to be working with Amy again!” HBO Max executive vice-president Jennifer O’Connell said in a press release announcing the new series. “She is sure to surprise and amaze us with her willingness to push boundaries and try something new, always with a hilarious spin.”

“We are pumped for this!” Schumer added.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Amy steps out of her comfort zone and into someone else’s. In each episode, Amy learns a new skill, craft, or trade from a local expert in her husband’s hometown on Martha’s Vineyard. Whether she’s learning to dive for clams, sell real estate, perform a magic trick, or (sort of) repair a roof, she’ll meet each challenge with her signature wit, vulnerability and willingness to try anything.

On top of being the comedian’s second streaming series for HBO Max, Schumer has become an active player in the streaming realm. She also has a new series, Life & Beth, lined up at Hulu, which she writes, produces, and stars in with Michael Cera, who hasn’t starred in a TV role since his time as George Michael on Arrested Development.