Amy Schumer Says She’ll Be The Next Bachelorette If ABC Will Agree To Her Conditions

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader chatted with Maria Menounos from E! News this morning about their film Trainwreck, which will be released next month. However, Menounos also took the chance to ask Schumer about the rumors that she might entertain the idea of becoming the next Bachelorette, following her very entertaining cameo earlier this season.

In a nutshell, despite the fact that Trainwreck has her poised for super stardom, Schumer says that she’s open to doing The Bachelorette. But if she were to appear in an upcoming season, she has some ground rules. First of all, she’d have to make bank. I’m sure ABC could probably divert some of that Dancing with the Stars money. They’d also have to let her be herself, which I don’t know why they’d invite Amy Schumer to be the Bachelorette and not want her to be herself.

Finally, she would have a very strict “no turds policy,” as she says of the casting process:

First of all, their job descriptions are so weird. It’s like, ‘former investment banker’?! They’re like, ‘flower enthusiast’? You’re like, ‘But what do you do? How come you could leave your life? I love when it’s like, ‘I have five kids at home but I just like, came here to follow my heart.’ And you’re like, maybe go take care of your kids.

I would keep it very real. And I don’t know if it’s good for that show.

Aww, maybe just a few turds? The turds are kind of the best part. I’m sure there’s at least a few between jobs freelance multimedia consultants that would love to be Mr. Amy Schumer.

(Via EOnline)