Amy Sherman-Palladino Thought She’d Get Fired Before ‘Gilmore Girls’ Aired

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Ahead of Saturday night’s Gilmore Girls reunion panel at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, the show’s creator held a more intimate (but still tightly packed) “coffee session” to discuss the creation of the series and other trivial goodies. Of course everyone’s excited for the bigger panel, but Amy Sherman-Palladino had plenty to say.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sherman-Palladino spent much of her time worrying about whether or not the show would even air — let alone survive as it did:

“You expect to be fired before it gets on the air. Gilmore Girls was different for The WB at the time, it wasn’t really in their wheelhouse,” she recalled of the early days at The WB, calling the young network in a “renegade mood” when the show launched — until it was scheduled opposite Friends and Survivor. “Nobody expected us to get watched or viewed. Then they moved us and put on this little show called American Idol. Then you think we’re not going to make it — and then we went off the air and you expect to meet at the actors’ home and play bingo. Then DVDs and Netflix kept it going. I didn’t even know it was going on Netflix!”

I never watched Gilmore Girls‘ original run between 2000 and 2007. In fact, I fall into the Netflix camp Sherman-Palladino alludes to above, and it’s a mighty big camp of fans. The show has been available via streaming off and on for sometime now, and it’s ready for binge-watching as of this writing.

As for whether or not actor Scott Patterson’s actual television reunion rumor is true, Sherman-Palladino said nothing. Maybe it will come later during the larger panel, or maybe Patterson was just riding on the Full House et al. bandwagon.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)