An Airline Pilot Bought Pizzas For His Passengers On A Stranded Flight

F*ck off, Sully. There’s a new hero pilot in town.

Smartly realizing that nothing makes angry people forget their woes quicker than PIZZA, the captain of an Airbus A320, Gerhard Bradner, ordered 50 pies for everyone on-board when their flight bound for Denver was “diverted after thunderstorms and lightning pummeled the area.”

Passengers and crew waited in Cheyenne, Wyo. until the storms passed, and they were able to take off for Denver, several hours later.

Brandner said he was hungry when the plane touched down so he decided to call Dominos. And instead of eating the pie himself, he ordered 50 pizzas – enough for the whole plane. He paid out of his own pocket and wouldn’t tell us how much.

He says when he made the announcement that the pizzas were coming over the speaker, he heard the whole plane applaud. But he never got to see those passengers eat, because he was reprogramming the plane’s computers for the flight back to Denver. (Via)

On a recent flight from New York to Texas, the stewardess gave me two packs of stale cookies, not just one, AND she didn’t spit in my drink when I ordered a Diet Coke, so yeah, pretty much the same thing.

Via 9News