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Pictured: No episode of “Ice Road Truckers” ever

Following up on the success “Ice Road Truckers,” the History Channel has approved of several new reality series, including shows about artifact hunters and rivalries at a NASCAR track. My favorite, however, has to be the spin-off of “Ice Road Truckers”:

For next summer, [History president and GM Nancy] Dubuc plans to introduce “Extreme Trucking,” which takes the North American-based “Ice Road Truckers” format to locations worldwide where truckers navigate hazardous highways.

“There’s an endless supply of dangerous roads, and they’re in places where they’re highly unregulated,” she said. [THR]

“We’re always looking to develop new content where we have the chance to get footage of people falling to their deaths,” she continued, “and if it involves a big rig jack-knifing off a cliff and tumbling down a sheer rock face before exploding into a gruesome inferno, all the better.” Dubuc then added, “Our viewers deserve to see these brave truckers at work. Especially if they die.”

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