01.15.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

There is one reason and one reason only that I’m doing a follow-up post to the “American Idol”/Internet crossover hit “Pants on the Ground” — and that reason is this poodle dressed in pants and a sideways hat, lookin’ like a fool while “Pants on the Ground” plays in the background (via only say: I’m sorry that you will never know this joy.

But it’s not just dogs that are embracing the “Pants on the Ground” trend. In the videos below, Jimmy Fallon reprises his awesome Neil Young impression to play an acoustic version of the song, and I’ve also included one of the many, many, many remixes that are starting to pop up on YouTube. Man, it’s so nice to talk about something that happened on a late-night show that doesn’t have to do with Conan or Leno. Aw crap, now I just ruined it by mentioning them. Pretend I didn’t write that. No, YOU use the backspace key!

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