07.10.09 10 years ago 11 Comments

This amazing clip of Asian people doing impressions of Christopher Walken was featured on last night’s “Tosh.0,” and you really need to get on your ass and start watching that show.  Comedy Central could have run a test pattern for the other 21 minutes of content and this video alone would have made it worthwhile, but instead the episode was chockful o’ goodness, including a great Web Redemption of the Leave Britney Alone guy and a response to a black guy laying his cash out on a pool table with the title “Is This Racist?”

When I likened this show to “The Soup” but for the Internet, some people noted that “Web Soup” is like “The Soup” for the Internet.  Fair point, but what I meant is that this show is GOOD.  This is proof that instead of just running out a clip show with some already hired on-air talent, networks can invest some time and money in developing an idea and hiring an actual professional comedian to host.  Crazy idea, I know.  I’m crazy.  Look at this crazy TV watcher, crazily wanting TV that’s good.

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