‘Piers Who?’: Watch Anderson Cooper Burn Piers Morgan During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage

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01.01.15 6 Comments

I don’t profess to know the ins and outs of the apparent feud between CNN superstar anchor Anderson Cooper and former CNN personality Piers Morgan, but according to THR the roots of it trace back to an essay Morgan wrote where he admitted to pushing CNN to bounce Cooper from his primetime perch and replace him with Megyn Kelly. So with that in mind, it’s no wonder Cooper took the baton from Kathy Griffin and metaphorically beat Morgan over the head with it in the above video from CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage.

While sick Cooper-authored burns like “Piers who?” and “I don’t think anyone cares what he does” are bound to get most of the attention in the comment section, I want you to also listen closely as Kathy Griffin starts the greatest story of all time.

“I was at a party at Jackie Collins’ house having a lovely conversation with Sidney Poitier.” – Kathy Griffin

These celebrities are Gods among us.

Source: YouTubeTHR

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