Anna Kendrick Officially Snuggie-Wrapped Queen On The Interweb Thanks To ‘Game Of Thrones’

We first learned about our girl Anna Kendrick’s love for Game of Thrones when she tweeted out the above photo of herself in a stylish Direwolves t-shirt with a “nerd boner” caption. That’s pretty much the pinpointed moment most of us went full pretend girlfriend.

Well, it didn’t take long for the folks at HBO to catch on (someone over there definitely has a “Ryan Gosling + masturbation” Google alert in place) and let Anna know they appreciate her fandom equally. So they sent her this

It plays music and everything! WANT. Or at the very least to pledge my allegiance to House Kendrick.

And of course the internet abides.

Also relevant.

But did Anna go and get into a faux nerd war of words with Patton Oswalt on Twitter after receiving such an honor? Well of course she did, because she’s the best.

And yeah, I guess Mindy Kaling and Conan O’Brien got GOT swag boxes too, but for the purposes of this write up, only Anna. Only Anna.

@AnnaKendrick47 via faithful reader and fellow AK stalker Kevin.