Anna Kendrick Has Discovered That Vagina Can Be A Verb

Late Night with Seth Meyers is a rather informative late night comedy program. Not just when it comes to the claw-at-your-own-brain batsh*t crazy political stuff either. When Anna Kendrick discovers an essential piece of vocabulary news who does she come to? Seth Meyers, that’s who.

Kendrick’s Late Night appearance on Monday was stuffed with all sorts of fascinating things, including a detail that must make the Into the Woods actress one hell of a Mad Libs author. She told Seth that while she’s been filming Pitch Perfect 3: The Eye of Braxus in Atlanta, the franchise’s latest director (the OK Go aiding Trish Sie) has a unique form of language. (transcript h/t EW)

“It’s really helpful that she comes from the dance world because it’s involved in the movie, but some of her direction has been amazing and I feel like I’m just learning a lot about what body movements are,” shared Kendrick. “There was a scene in the first week of shooting, she came in and she was trying to get one of the characters to do a lewd body movement, and she was like, ‘So I think, you know, you’re just over here and just like vagina-ing on the couch.’”

Your mileage with weaving “vagina-ing” into your day-to-day conversation may vary.

“I didn’t know vagina-ing could be a verb,” she noted. “But she’s a choreographer. This is her world. I’m just trying — I’m learning a lot.”

I think we’re learning a lot too, Anna. Speaking of Pitch Perfect 3, the musical-comedy threequel is due out December 22.