Anne Hathaway Does Katie Holmes!

11.22.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

Anne Hathaway hosted this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” and the entire episode was downright not terrible. I’d even go so far as to call it “good,” as long as you discount the politically-themed cold open (I’m getting into the habit of fast-forwarding through the first sketch).

Anyway, Hathaway’s Katie Holmes impression will probably get the most buzz, but my favorite sketch was “Visting the Queen.” I always enjoy a comical blue-collar British accent, but it’s even funnier coming from a man pretending to be the Queen of England. Also included in my highlight reel below:

  • Mega Mart’s Black Friday commercial starring Bobby Moynihan. Reminiscent of the YouTube classic PowerThirst, and in general more things need to remind me of PowerThirst.
  • The Thanksgivies: an awards show honoring people who have ruined Thanksgiving. This video is a WEB EXCLUSIVE!, which is a nice way of saying it didn’t make the cut for the live show. But I enjoyed it.

Continue below for all the Hulu videos that the Canadians can’t watch. And a caveat: the headline is deliberately misleading, so you won’t see a KATIE HOLMES-ANNE HATHAWAY NUDE LESBIAN SEX SCENE.

Anne Hathaway as Katie Holmes on the Miley Cyrus Show:

Anne Hathaway as Kate Middleton with Fred Armisen as the Queen:

Black Friday with Bobby Moynihan:

The Thanksgivies:

Also receiving votes: Message from the TSA; The Wizard of Oz.

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