Another Will Arnett Sitcom Bites The Dust: CBS Cancels ‘The Millers’

According to Variety, CBS has gone and canceled The Millers. With half the episodes for the sitcom’s second season (say that five times fast!) in the can, the news hit the cast and crew this past Friday. A new episode is scheduled to air on Monday, but there is no word on whether the remainder of the season will ever see the light of day (or the darkness of your grandparents’ living room).

“CBS lost patience with The Millers as its flagging ratings proved a detriment to Scorpion, which CBS sees as a promising contender to have longevity.”

The Will Arnett, Margo Martindale led comedy was fairing pretty well for The Eye until its move to Monday nights. With the lead-in from Two Broke Girls, the show dipped to dismally low ratings (we’re talking a 1.5 in the 18-49 bracket). Since their popular (and silly) new series Scorpion airs behind the failing sitcom, CBS took the initiative and cut the sitcom’s head clean off. Don’t fret, dear reader, for they have a definite plan to fill the void:

“The Eye has a new season of Mike and Molly on the bench as a potential replacement, along with midseason comedy The Odd Couple, or ever-reliable reruns of The Big Bang Theory. (Via)

Of the three options listed above, my bet is on The Odd Couple. When was the last time Matthew Perry starred in a successful series that lasted more than one season!? Bring it on, CBS! Let that Chandler light shine!

At least Will Arnett has that bizarre animated horse series to fall back on!

(Source: Variety)