Arby’s Embraced The Hate And Named A Sandwich After Jon Stewart

The world of sandwiches is turning upside down, I tells ya. First, Ronda Rousey signs with the debaucherous jerks at Carl’s, Jr. to help them redeem their image, and now Arby’s has decided to completely embrace the hate leveled at them from Jon Stewart.

They ran a commercial calling him a “friend” during his last week of The Daily Show, which was kinda touching. But now they’re taking it into slightly gimmicky territory by naming a sandwich after his show. “The Daily Deli” is double corned beef and deli mustard on marbled rye — apparently Jon Stewart’s favorite, according to the always reliable internet. And for a limited time, you can go into an Arby’s and order it as part of their secret menu.

The “secret menu” isn’t some magical VIP thing, it just means it doesn’t show up on those menu tele-boards behind the counter. Ever notice that the more high-tech the menu display technology gets, the less food is actually listed on it? All the ridiculous expensive stuff like the Brown Sugar Bacon Club shows up, but don’t expect to see any dollar value items. That kind of info, like the truth about aliens, you’ll have to find out for yourself online.

I’d watch out, though. Ordering off menu at Arby’s sounds like a dangerous proposition… you’re relying on underpaid and under-motivated teenagers to construct you a sandwich they’ve probably never made before that exists purely as a promotional gimmick. As Jon Stewart once said, “A lot of things might give you diarrhea, but wouldn’t you rather eat something that might not?”

(via the A.V. Club)