He Remembers Me!: The Most Memorable Animal Appearances On ‘Archer’

The beauty of animation is you can introduce all the animals your heart desires without having to deal with them wandering off, attacking the crew, or throwing poop at the cast (looking at you, Annie’s Boobs). So with this week’s Archer introducing your new favorite canine member of the show’s universe there’s no better time to take a look back at all the (mostly) lovable animals we’ve met over three and a half seasons. Also (slightly NSFW-ishly) relevant.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at Floyd County for helping me research and providing all the various swine stills. Honorable Mention: Pam’s Dolphin.

Malory’s true love and the inspiration for Archer’s codename. The dog died doing what it loved: eating chocolate.

AKA the world’s worst pet. Unless you need help tying off, of course.

If you’re not fascinated by a bark that sound EXACTLY like “Puttin’ on the Ritz” then you’re not human. Also, named after a French philosopher and monk.


He won’t fit inside a person’s brain.

Simply an AMAAAAZING pet.

I choose to believe Krieger possesses ant strength.

You can’t be Pirate King without a parrot. Them’s the rules.

Immortalized forever by this GIF.

GIF by Chet Manley

Not pictured: Leon. Probably Pictured: Piggly I.

GIF by Chet Manley

Seeing imaginary ostriches is what happens when you trip bear balls (also an animal reference?).


Things did not end well.


We’re all still scarred by Fourth of Ju-Luau.

The bad news: High in radioactivity. The good news: Great at eating North Koreans.

Because is there really any other animal in the Archer universe? Kazak may have something to say about that.

GIF by Chet Manley