‘Archer’s’ Doctor Krieger Has Spent His Summer Building A Clone Army. Here’s The Visual Diary.

Just like everyone’s other favorite ISIS employee, Doctor Krieger has also had quite the momentous summer. Except instead of gallivanting around tropical locations, finding trouble and doing Kenny Powers impersonations, Krieger has locked himself in the lab hellbent on creating an army of clones and/or robots because how the hell else would he spend his summer?

The official Doctor Krieger Facebook page has been documenting his activities with a visual diary compliments of Floyd County and FX. Let’s just say the entries are everything you’d hope they would be so I figured a recap of his time since the Archer Season 4 finale was in order. Someone remind me which Piggly we’re on…

“Day 028- The best samples come from the tender bits according to Science.”

“Day 042- I’ve resisted giving them names. Like when you foster dogs.”

“Day 056- The brassiere is purely ceremonial.”

“Day 070- The clones are learning at an exponential rate. Soon! Soon I’ll have someone to play Risk against.”

“Day 084- Perhaps using Mogwai DNA to fill in the genome gaps was a mistake?”

“Day 098- I should have expected this. There comes a time in every child’s life when they feel the urge to murder their own parents.”

“Day 112- I’ve sealed myself in my laboratory so I can complete my second greatest experiment, and also possibly live.”

“Day 126- This looked way less copyright-infringy in the schematics.”

And since we’re not finished with Krieger’s summer of experimentation, here’s the your favorite GIF from the finale to hold you over until the next update.