The Best Of This Week’s ‘Archer’: Let’s Talk ‘Smugglers' Blues' And GILF Cams

It was just really nice to see Sterling Archer rediscover his badass for three-quarters of “Smugglers’ Blues” last night. If I’ve had any reservation thus far about “Archer Vice” it’s that Archer himself seems to be counter-intuitively neutered by the whole change of direction. Even when he was a terrible spy he was a kick ass spy. That hasn’t been the case with Sterling Archer in the cocaine business. So getting his alpha male on and kinda/sorta playing secret agent and getting the El Guapo treatment (before it all went to hell) just felt right and back to basics. And I’m all for more of it the rest of the season.

And now for the best lines, moments, and references as decided by yours truly.

  • Is the “Smugglers’ Blues” episode title more of a Glenn Fry or Miami Vice homage? DEBATE.
  • I wasn’t feeling the Pam baby/spoon-feeding bit at all until I spotted the “Podody’s Nerfect” bib. It’s funny because it’s spelled wrong.
  • “It said, baffling medical science.” Was that the first line of Lana man hands jokes of the season? My god those do it for me.
  • I’m also thankful for so much excellent Ray last night. It’s been too long. From the space shuttle exchange to the running Latin bit (“Maybe someday you’ll meet a mummy”) to the episode tag, it was very nice to have our favorite bronze medalist back in form.
  • “The Gang who couldn’t sell coke straight.” Look at Krieger with the sly pop culture reference.
  • Archer’s espionage/diplomacy rant made me want to grow up to be a coke dealer. Powerful stuff.
  • Did everyone catch the Pam grafitti tag in the Colombian bathroom?
  • “We call it Phi Moo.” I really want to know what southern college Ray attended.
  • I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the Inception of voicemail hoaxes.
  • Why yes, that was Ron Perlman’s daughter doing the voice work for La Madrina.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight,” Len Koenecke, Instagram, Mrs. Garret/Facts of Life, and the ones I missed.

I’m pretty sure I enjoy the talk about getting ‘PHRASING’ back in the rotation way more than ‘PHRASING’ itself.

Lots of awesome Chet Manley GIFs on the next page. You might need a blood transfusion to get through page 3.