‘Archer’ Season 5 Premiere Discussion: Let’s Talk ‘Archer Vice’

There are reboots, reworks, and radical departures, and then there’s Archer Season 5: “Archer Vice.” I’ve been lucky enough to see a few episodes and I can safely say the Season 5 preview montage does not oversell the unbridled cocaine-fueled excess and insanity. I think now is a safe time to go back and read our reveal interview with Matt Thompson, those of you avoiding spoilers.

Thanks to “White Elephant” setting the stage for the rest of the season this recap installment won’t be quite as meaty. There just wasn’t enough time for obscure literary references and pop culture drops, although the Bunsen gag was great, especially since it climaxed with a lighthearted throwaway of Brett’s death.

Here are some of my scattered thoughts and favorite quotes. Do yourself a favor and check in and out with Chet’s season premiere GIFs and “Archer Vice” montage GIFs while looking over. You know, for full effect.

  • About time our friend Lucky Yates got his opening credits due. Three cheers for Lucky Yates!
  • Just an overall nice send off to the ISIS offices. Can’t remember the last time that space was inhabited by so many people.
  • “Well, he died doing what he loved: Getting shot.” — RIP, Brett.
  • Gary Cole is just the best bureaucrat with a stick up his ass, even when animated.
  • Here’s a closer look at Krieger’s hologram tentacle porn, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Thanks to lines like, “Sorry, Ramona. I know to you it’s just one big sexy briar patch,” I’m even more confident none of the relationship dynamics will be changing with the new trajectory.
  • That was just a good confession room cutaway recap.”I wanna say Burt Reynolds.”
  • “You, me, the baby, and your not-so-weird-looking vagina.” — Sterling Archer, still the best at proposals.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: The Muppets, “Eastbound and Down,” and “In The Ghetto”
    were all I caught. I’m sure you guys won’t let me know if I missed something.

And because when it comes to Archer‘s new direction, you’re all thinking it…

Or something like that. I’ve seen a bunch of spoiler-y stuff from this season so I’ll let you guys run with the thoughts and speculation. I imagine they will be interesting. And seriously, check out the season preview montage GIFs right this second if you haven’t already.