‘Archer’ Season 5 ‘Is Such A Radical Departure From What We’ve Been Doing And Apparently What People Like’

The above quote was from our friend the brilliant Adam Reed but I felt like I would have regretted not sharing this image so there you go. Kind of fits though, right?

Alas, I wasn’t able to attend this year, but the Archer panel at Comic-Con 2013 was chocked full of arm-sniffing and mystery surrounding a Season 5 that will be quite different from the previous precious seasons that we all hold so dear. Here’s Adam Reed touching on it as much as he can.

I mean, “Not dissimilar to season two of Growing Pains” is comforting and all but the message is still kind of scary, right? How do you improve on near perfection?

Don’t fret though my friends. I can’t think of anyone who I trust to deliver more than Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, and the best things always know when it’s time to evolve. If anything I’m even more excited for the show’s return. Just think, there could be time travel or portal jumping or a Pam-Krieger spin-off. The possibilities are endless.

Image via Getty Images