Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Fully Self-Aware On Fallon, Released New Literal DVD Commentaries

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01.18.13 12 Comments

Hollywood action legend, Governator, and UPROXX reader Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped by Late Night last night to promote the maybe awesome Last Stand and in doing so got all self-aware about his literal DVD commentaries that made the collective internet giggle with delight not so very long ago.

Not only does Schwarzenegger jokingly discuss and watch portions of the always enjoyable Total Recall commentary with Fallon — who I should mention gets points for making a conversation with someone about how the internet ironically loves them seem effortless — but then Arnold gets in on the act, releasing a few “never before seen” commentaries from other classics like Commando. Spoiler: His setup for Kindergarten Cop is the best part.

First Reddit AMAs and now this? It’s like the man is on a mission to completely validate all the irrational love you have for him. Tom Hanks better watch his back.

Also I love how Fallon has so clearly been enamored with the DVD commentaries since day one. I’m pretty sure he’s a regular in the UPROXX comments section. Probably Farthammer.

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