‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In ‘Double Crossers’

Beyond the Binge reflects on episodes from a full season perspective. It is not intended to be spoiler-heavy, but there will be some spoilers throughout. Previously: A New Start.

I found Jeffrey Tambor much more on point during his second installment. It’s like it took him an episode to get back in the groove. While I still think the whole “turning into a woman” thing is a bit of a mistake because it detracts from the most appealing aspects of George Sr, there are so many understated wonderful lines. That whole bit about the black kids running over his hat is tremendous.

“Double Crossers” is also more enjoyable than “Borderline Personalities” because starting with this episode Hurwtiz and Co. seem to loosen up on the whole character-centric focus. Maybe this was by design, but allowing the episode to cut away to Michael and GOB for a long stretch within the framework of the story really helped the overall feel.

Here’s everything you may have missed. As always, pointing out everything I may have missed is welcome in the comments.

Herbert Love’s video page. Not only is the featured campaign video entitled, “Latest Herber Love Spot Seems Like Bad ‘Campaign Ad’ Parody,” which it is, but you can also get a glimpse in the right rail of “Herbet Love Gets a Big Hand From Vet” as well as a giant palm that we learn lots more about in Buster’s episode.

The Netflix Fast Forward. When the narrator fast forwards through the Lucille-Oscar sex scene the screen turns into the Netflix web viewer. Also interesting, when Vulture interviewed Jessica Walter (great read all around) and asked about the topless scene she replied, “I … you know, it must have been me. Nobody else was there.”

“All You Need Is Smiles” that George sings is the song that is written and performed by Oscar Bluth in season one, just another light nod to George and Oscar’s role reversals.

“The blue on the map is land.” Buster’s map is a callback to the series premiere episode where Buster thought the blue on the map was land even though he was studying cartography.

“Cash, no receipt.” Two episodes after we see Barry proving his innocence thanks to his height and the help of Bob Loblaw, here he is buying a small step ladder.

Dr. Norman only asks the most pertinent of questions. I missed this line of questioning the first go round. Dr. Norman is like House with a thinking cap on.

 “She did a Terrence Malick.” The cutaway clip to Rebel Alley’s fictional Terrance Malick film is supposed to look like Tree of Life that starred Jessica Chastain as a nod to the running fictional rumor that Jessica Chastain is Ron Howard’s illegitimate daughter.

“There are some vultures.” We find out later that the squawk heard when Michael and GOB first enter the model home (to go over GOB’s new realtor job) is actually Maeby who’s been squatting there.

“You’re thinking of Moe Howard.” I’d like to think they added GOB’s Ron Howard confusion here as reference to Chris Diamantopoulos (who plays Marky Bark) playing Moe in the recent Three Stooges movie. Probably not, but I’m a fan of out of nowhere cheap shots.

Buster’s giant hand can be seen for just a split second while he and George Sr. are driving around the “wall.” Also, this scene lays some groundwork for the Michael-Gene Parmesan binoculars car scene in “Queen B.”


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