Tony Hale Explains The Holdup With ‘Arrested Development’ Season Five

Next month marks three years since Arrested Development season four — don’t call it that (to Jason Bateman) — was released on Netflix.

There have been plenty of rumors about season five, most recently when Ron Howard said creator Mitch Hurwitz, who wants the new episodes out by November, was “working with writers now,” but nothing official, other than David Cross probably being officially pissed that he had to talk about Tobias while promoting With Bob and David. So, what’s the deal?

Tony Hale, who’s busy winning Emmys for Veep, has an idea.

“I know for a fact that everyone wants to do it,” Hale told the Huffington Post during a Facebook Live segment. When we later pressed him on details, he revealed that producers are aiming to tweak the new season in one important way. The goal, Hale said, is for everyone to shoot the series together, unlike last season. (Via)

Hale later added that he missed “working across from Gob or working across from Lucille or Tobias.” We did, too. Season four was an interesting idea in theory, but the final product was frustrating and disjointed. There’s really no reason for Arrested Development to continue for another season (the first three are perfect as is, and most of the cast has other jobs), but if it does go on, Hurwitz needs to have everyone in the same room at the same time.

Especially Franklin. His holdout has gone on for far too long.

(Via the Huffington Post)