The 'Arrested Development' Soundtrack Releases November 19th. Here's The Full Track Listing.

Back in June — not long after the Arrested Development Season 4 release on Netflix — Danger tipped us off to the then in-the-works soundtrack of the delightful melodies of the Bluth Family featuring the full-length “Getaway” track. It’s been months and I still have baby-faced singer Mark Cherry’s ode to GOB stuck in my head, but now we finally have a definitive release date: November 19th. Per Indiewire:

Varèse Sarabande Records will release “At Long Last…Music and Songs From Arrested Development” on November 19th, a 42-track soundtrack made up of songs from all four seasons of Mitchell Hurwitz’s cult favorite comedy. The music’s the work of composer David Schwartz, and as he explains, “Because of fan demand, a majority of the album is weighted toward the songs. Most of the songs composed for the show came together organically, but quite often Mitch would call me up requesting one and float some lyrics by me while he was driving. When it comes to the humor and parody of the songs, Mitch has a great deal of trust in the show’s super smart fans. He never wants any musical reference to be too obvious.”

All your favorites are here, and conveniently labeled by when they appeared on the show. Everyone will be talking “Temocil” and “It Ain’t Easy Being White” but I for one am looking forward to deep tracks like “Tobias Eat Pray Gay” and “Fantastic Four.”

1. Arrested Development (main title)

2. She’s Cute (Season 4)

3. Getaway (Season 4, Gob episode 7, “Colony Collapse”)

4. Practice Kisses (Season 4, Gob episode 7, “Colony Collapse”)

5. Sound of Silence / The Cockroach (Season 4, Gob episode 11, “A New Attitude”/Season 4, episode 1 “Flight of the Phoenix”)

6. Balls In The Air (Season 3, episode 4 “Notapusy”) Extended for the soundtrack

7. Face Blindness (L&M) (Season 4, Lindsay’s episode 3 “Indian Takers”)

8. You’ll Never Hear From Me Again (Season 4, Lindsay’s episode 3 “Indian Takers”)

9. As It Is Such (Season 4, Gob episode 7, “Colony Collapse”)

10. Tobias Eat Pray Gay (Medley) – (Season 1, episode 6 “Visiting Ours”)

11. Motherboy (Season 2, episode 13 “Motherboy XXX”)

12. Franklin’s Brown Sugar (Season 2, episode 16 “Meat The Veals”)

13. It Ain’t Easy Being White • Vocal: Will Arnett (Season 2, episode 18 “The Righteous Brothers”)

14. Shot by Love (Season 2, episode 9 “Burning Love”)

15. Mr.F (Season 3, episode 5 “Mr. F.”)

16. The Yellow Boat (Season 3, episode 8 “Making a Stand”)

17. All You Need Is Smiles • Vocals: Jeffrey Tambor & David Schwartz (Season 1, episode 20 “Whistler’s Mother”)

18. Big Yellow Joint (Season 1, episode 10 “Pier Pressure”)

19. Big Rockin’ Yellow Joint (Season 1, episode 10 “Pier Pressure”)

20. The Cute Test (Season 4, episode 14 “Off The Hook”)

21. Aloha Lei To You (Season 2, episode 10 “Ready, Aim, Marry Me”)

22. Oh Phoenix (Season 4, episode 1 “Flight of the Phoenix”)

23. Andele (Season 2, episode 2 “The One Where They Build a House”)

24. Bang Bang Bang Bang (Buster’s dance music throughout season 4)

25. I’m Blue, Man (Season 2, episode 1 “The One Where Michael Leaves”)

26. Mock Trial (Season 3, episode 10 “Fakin’ It”)

27. Not Your Father, Mopy, Tiny Town (Seasons 1-3 throughout)

28. What Could Be Better (Season 2, episode 18 “The Righteous Brothers”)

29. She Winked (Season 4, episode 10 “Queen B”)

30. Free At Last (Season 1 pilot)

31. Oh My (medley) (Season 3, episode 11 “Family Ties”)

32. Get Along Little Sheep (Season 1, episode 15 “Staff Infection”)

33. Big Ska

34. Buster Lucille George Gob (Season 4, episode 1 “Flight of the Phoenix”)

35. Fantastic 4 (Season 4, episode 9 “Smashed”)

36. The Invisible Girl (Season 4, episode 10 “Queen B”)

37. Rub It In (Season 4, episode 1 “Flight of the Phoenix”)

38. The Chipper (Season 4, episode 1 “Flight of the Phoenix”)

39. Temocil• Vocals: David Cross, Portia de Rossi and Danielle Cipolla (Season 1, episode 19 “Best Man for the Gob” and season 2, episode 7 “Switch Hitter”)

40. You Here With Me (Season 1, episode 4 “Key Decisions”)

41. Police Cruise (series end credits)

42. Boomerang • Vocal: Lucy Schwartz (Season 4, finale episode 15 “Blockheads”)


Indiewire via Splitsider