Tobias Fünke Has A Sizzle Reel And An Acting Website. Both Are Absolutely Glorious.

OK folks, time to toss any potential productivity for today out the window. Earlier this morning Ron Howard tweeted, “Just got a video reel from Dr. Tobias Fünke at . Anybody seen this guy? Inspiring Stuff.” Nothing will ever be the same.

So much to get to. So little time. Deep breaths. Let’s compartmentalize. First up: here’s the sizzle reel itself from the Tobias Fünke YouTube channel. Prepare to be blown… away.

Taste the happy, people. Taste it. I’ve simultaneously had my concerns about Arrested Development on Netflix meeting my ridiculous expectations quelled, while also having said expectations raised even further. That would have seemed impossible prior to watching the sizzle reel. Now I believe anything is possible.

But we’re just at the ledge of the rabbit hole that is Holy Fire Sale, where to begin? We’re talking about an interactive treasure chest of Fünke wonderfulness, people! Highlights include, but are not limited to:

  • An opening video message to James Cameron.
  • Choose your own character adventures, complete with audition reels and interactive uploads.
  • Banner ads for ManGo!: “It’s like having a Mango in your mouth!”
  • And did I mention the url is I did? Just confirming.

Highly photoshop-able images of Tobias’s six “insert me anywhere” characters on the next page. I won’t discourage you from taking a stab at them and sharing in the comments. Do yourself (and no one else in your life) a favor and start exploring the new Arrested Development magic now.

UPDATE: The 12 Best ‘Insert Me Anywhere’ Photoshops, GIFs, And Videos Thus Far

“Oh, how you’re making me laugh with these great seaman jokes. Keep ‘em coming!”“Sidle up to this friendly cowpoke for the old back-to-back move.”“Nobody’s perfect—even Doctors!”“Who would dare challenge this raw specimen of manliness and virility?” “Glug glug glug. Wow, I could just chug this down all day!”“Want to pal around with a tough gang member — or just look like you did? This is the perfect image for you!”